About us


About us

Season Cosmetics Co., Ltd., founded in 1996, is a professional cosmetic manufacture company providing matte liquid lipstick, foundation, browcara and all kinds of long lasting make up formula.
Season Cosmetics offers bulk cosmetic formula and  raw material. With decades of R&D experience in cosmetic field, we endeavor to develop customized cosmetic material to help our clients penetrate the divergent worldwide market.
Our business includes semi-products and turn key solutions by OEM and ODM services which emphasize on decorative cosmetics of foundation, eyeliner, mascaras and lip-gloss. In addition, we supply professional technical support and after-sales service to our customers.

Safety & Health

Cosmetics is one of the basic needs for people in daily life. Therefore our insistence in safety and health is the first criterion.
All the ingredients we use pass high safety standard examination, heavy metal test and testified as not skin irritant.
FDA and EEC Cosmetic Directives are the two most important resources to identify cosmetic safety regulations in the America and the E.U. All the percentage of ingredients in our products meets the rules and regulations.
We believe beauty is supported only by health. We are committed to produce high quality cosmetics that everyone can use without any worries.


Cosmetics are not only something about beauty, but also about curiosity. It is a fashion industry. Every year we develop innovative products that present whole new touch and visual experience. At the same time, we keep improving formulas in respond to our clients’ diverse preference.
People in different age, ethnicity, living in different areas or climates would have distinct skin types. Our products are designed based on these differences. Every one can find his/her needs here. Our product based on continuously innovation and revision keeps you always stay in trend.