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Frequently Asked Questions


1.How do I know if Season’s products conform to my national safety standard?

The rules about the ingredients contained vary from area to area. For example, we must obey FDA rules when the products are exported to America and EEC rules in Europe. When the products are produced, we consider these conditions already. Furthermore, ingredients that may cause toxicity or any harmful effects are definitely forbidden in our products.


2. How can I get the pricing or samples?

Please email or fax to us for further information. Contact Us


3.Should the semi-product be heated when filled into the containers?

It depends on the products. If the product is stick-shaped, it shall be heated and stirred when filled.

If your products are long-lasting series, cream, or liquid. Generally being heated is unnecessary or sometimes forbidden. If you find that the product is too sticky to fill, it might be the cause of thixotropy. Gently stirring and blending can help lower the viscosity.


4. Storage conditions?

Most of the cosmetic products should be stored under 25 degrees. Over 30 degrees, some ingredients start to be unstable.

Generally from production date to expiry date is 3 years. . ,If there is any specific condition or terms, please contact us for further information.


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